Welcome all,

The “Florida Sonex Association” (FSA), was initially formed on the 18th of March 2008. It was only
after many months of planning that we wrote Sonex Aircraft LLC, a letter about our plans for the
Association and received a reply back from CEO Jeremy Monnett who stated “I think this is an
absolutely fantastic idea. We continue to support and encourage grass-roots Sonex Builder and Pilot
organizations and are always excited to see these form up”. So, here we are.

Full Membership in The Florida Sonex Association LLC is
FREE and will be open to all Sonex, Waiex,
Onex, Xenos and Sub-Sonex Pilots, Builders and Plan Holders and ALL AeroVee engine owners or
builders regardless of aircraft being installed in, throughout the United States. FSA Officers and or
Managing Members of the LLC will be installed as agreed upon by a majority of our managing LLC
The Florida Sonex Association operates solely from donations and retail sales of
goods and services offered by the FSA.

Our Goal is to provide a safe and fun filled membership within Florida and surrounding states and will
focus on an annual Florida based event for members each year.

As an incentive for our members to Build and fly safely, we will continue to promote builder assistance
initiatives, Workshops, Aircraft weight and balance assistance, Propeller balancing and aircraft related

We will coordinate fly out breakfast and lunch destinations (Oct- May).

The FSA will reach out to other organizations within the Sonex community such as, The Sonex
Builders & Pilots Foundation and The American Sonex Association to share builder tips, safety points,
and training recommendations for all Sonex pilots so they may safely enjoy all that flying a Sonex has
to offer.

We at the FSA strongly support the Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation and their goals for the Sonex

We encourage all of our members  to participate in their efforts to provide timely information via there
outstanding website

Some of our member benefits are;

1.   A copy of the Association membership listings. Request must be made to the FSA via e-Mail.
(Providing the members on the members list have approved of the release of their  
information to other fellow members),
and only if requested by a registered & current member
with the FSA who, holds a valid plans set number which is confirmed by Sonex LLC. If you are looking
for general information in your area then go to the Sonex LLC website and click on "Find Builders" that
information is what we have at the FSA to check on whose building in Florida and other regions. Many
times we are unable to contact future members because of the limited information provided and rely
on our fellow members who may have knowledge of new plans holders etc.. The FSA will never publish
personal information on our website without our members convent as it is open to the world to view.

Member Assistance Pilots. -- Phone/email  of key members at specific airports within the US
and Florida, who have volunteered  to provide support to Florida Sonex Association Member Pilots in
the event of aircraft problems while en route to their destination for,  tools, ground transportation and
in some cases even a place to stay ( when Available), Temporary  hanger or tie down when needed to
get assist in getting your  Sonex back in the air and on your way may also be arranged if available. Of
course this is based upon availability at each MAP's Home Airport. If your visiting near one of our
MAPs please say hello by stopping in at the MAP airport. These airports will be listed on the FSA
website Member Assistance Pilots page. All Member MAP's must agree to posting contact information.

Mission Brief --- Invitations as available and notices to all fly out and fly in barbecue, Breakfast
and lunch events sponsored or arranged by other organizations, your fellow members from around
the state and local EAA Chapter Events as well.

 Annual Florida Sonex Association Fly-in. The annual event will be held at The Marion County  
Airport (X35). The date and times will be announced in an e-mail to all our members.

 The Florida Sonex Association Website--- Full of interesting information of what our members
are working on and highlights of completed and scheduled public fly-in events and workshops
provided by our membership. You will be able to lookup project information, photos, tricks and tips,
and links to valuable resources within our state. You will also be able to post photos and stories about
your project, recent flights as well as provide information you feel will be helpful for all our members.
These areas are written from input totally from our membership at large.

Want to visit a member project near you but he is not publicly listed? Just contact the FSA for
information. After we contact the nearest unlisted builder/pilot in the Association we will forward the
contact information (only if the individual member has approved release of this information) to you so
that you may schedule a visit.

Join fellow members for their annual flight to the American Sonex Association in Crossville, TN or the
Home Base fly-in at Dunnellon (X35), Florida. Both are fun filled grass-roots events.

Your information
WILL NOT be shared WITH ANYONE even our members without your permission.
If you do not wish to receive the FSA News Flash and do not wish to become or to continue as a
member just send me an e-mail letting me know and I will remove your name and information from the
FSA data base and mailing list.

We wish to give a special thanks to the Marion County Airport Director, Mr John B. Helms ll, for his
support. The Airport Director/Supervisor is one of the reasons we chose Marion County Airport as our
home base and annual fly-in destination.
If you are in route to your destination and need fuel, assistance, tools, or a place to rest a while and
talk Sonex, just give us a call at (352) 794-3528 or email  to: mike@floridasonex.com We may not
always be available at that moment  however, we will always try to help in any way we can so, leave a
message when you call or email and we will return your message ASAP.

Of course all of our website information is based upon our member input so, your input is very
important to the success of the FSA.

The FSA Flight and Fly-in Headquarters is based at The Dunnellon/Marion County Airport (X35).
Located just South West of Ocala, Florida. Newly resurfaced runways (10-28 and 5-23) with one, 5-
23, length of 5000 feet.

An outstanding Main Office with pilots lounge , showers and rest rooms, Snacks Some of the most
inexpensive self service fuel in the state of Florida. Detailed airport information is available on our

Be sure and let us know of any new builders, owners or plan holders in your area, as our only source
of information on the Florida Sonex family is the Sonex LLC builder data base at their website and our
members input.

Take a quick look at some of our member’s aircraft on the “Member Pilots” pages. Remember if you
would like to post a photo of your project, a story or important information in our news website or News
Letter, and are a registered member; just forward the info and photo to the FSA for addition into your
selected media.

We are all looking forward to each year's flying and building season and hope to meet all of you at our
next event.

Fly Safe-Fly Sonex,

Mike January
Founder / President
Florida Sonex Association LLC
Updated January 2018