The North Florida Sonex Fest 2010
Chris Smith and Dan Weseman Hosted the best North Florida Sonex Fest to date with the
May 1st fly-in at Palatka Kay Larken Field and was deemed a huge success by all, attracting
over 30 attendees, over half of them flying-in, and 11 Sonex and Waiex aircraft!

Sonex Aircraft owners and Pilots flying-in consisted of: Jim Wright (Sonex S/N 1250), Wells
Berry (Sonex S/N 804), Tony Lewis (Sonex S/N 447), Bob Adams (Sonex S/N 71), Wayne
Flowers (Sonex S/N 229), Ian Cutler (Sonex S/N 356), Walter Eisenmann (Sonex S/N 911), Dan
Weseman (Sonex S/N 183), Chris Smith (Sonex S/N 694), and Waiex Owners and Pilots; Mike
January (Waiex S/N W0023), and George Barth (Waiex S/N W0035).

The day's events included donuts and coffee in the morning, pizza and soda for lunch, and
a lot of Sonex and Aviation talk throughout the day. All the guests had a chance to admire
all the different attending aircraft. Some of the guests even had a chance to try on some of
the aircraft in attendance. A lot of builder and guest questions were also answered during
the Fest. More images from the event can be found at Chris Smiths Web Site. His address
can be found in Member website page of the FSA.

Thank you Chris and Dan from ALL of us. Great Job!
Special Edition