Provides our viewers with quick links to sites that have
been of interest and special assistance to our membership
at large. A brief description is provided under the photo.

Sites are added after a review and security check. Just
click on the photo to go to the site

Photos submitted by our registered members who have
completed the construction process or have purchased
their aircraft and are currently flying.
Photos may be updated by the submitting member at any
time and will be listed by FSA Member Number and  Name.

Links to our members websites which may depict a few
photos or a complete construction chronicle. Websites
are submitted by our registered members.

Flights and trips taken by our member aircraft. Page will
contain photos and information about flights taken by FSA
pilots. It gives all of us a chance to see where our
members are flying and what is available at their

Contains items which are submitted for sale. The items
may be new or used and will include items such as tools,
avionics, aluminum, Sonex parts, Propellers, Kits, Plans,
paint spray systems and even completed and flying Sonex
Aircraft. Members may post for free others will be
required to pay a small fee to have items posted. Contact
the FSA for more information.

This page contains information about our home airport
at Dunnellon, Florida. The current fuel price will be
listed (check the date) as well as runways, facility
information and a link to detailed information provided
by AirNav.
To go to a Page
Just click on
photo at left

Airborne photos submitted by our FSA members. They
can be from any aircraft however, they must be air to air
or air to ground photos that were taken by our
registered members. All photos will have the credits
printed directly below the photo along with a short
narrative if the submitting pilot requests it.

While FSA events will be listed, other events will only be
available to registered members through our News Flash
and Quarterly News Letter email.

photos of our member builders. Pictures may contain
actual building photos. Members may submit as many
photos as they wish. Photos  will be posted in the
member builders box or a special individual page.

Our favorite photos taken by our members from around
member states. Visit this page to learn more and enjoy
some of our member's best photos.
Member Assistance Pilots (MAP). -- Phone contacts of key
members at specific airports within Florida who have
volunteered  to provide support to Florida Sonex Association
Member Pilots and visiting Sonex, Waiex, Xenos and Onex pilots
who need assistance. Support MAY include, tools, parts, hangar,
ramp tie down, ground transportation and in some cases even a
place to stay, when needed, to get your  Sonex back in the air
and on your way. Of course this is based upon availability at
each of the MAP's Home Airport. If your visiting Florida please
call first and stop in and say hello if you are stopping at an MAP
airport. These airports are listed on the FSA website. Check the
link above
Florida Sonex Association Site Map
Write the FSA with your suggestions and comments at;

Our home page gives you a direct link to all the available
pages on our site.
The photos on our home page will change from time to time
and will feature a photo taken from "From the Cockpit",
which are airborne pictures submitted by our members.

Helpful Information on the Corvair powered
Sonex/Waiex aircraft within the FSA. Information Will
include photos, Links, Safety Information, and
conversion tips. Help us by submitting your Information
to share with fellow Cleanex builders/pilots.