FSA Sorties 2013
FSA Founder, Mike January's Waiex
23 sits in front of Jack Leidenheimer's
hangar at Zephyrhills Airport on
Wednesday 1-23-2012
Sortie 1 Zephyrhills, Florida January 23, 2013
An invitation to Jack Leidenheimer's (FSA Member 35) hangar at Zephyrhills, Florida  turns
into a fun filled day for fellow FSA members, builders and pilots.
Upon arrival I was surprised to see a B17, B24 and a P51C parked on the ramp at the airport's
FBO. As Jack and I exchanged greetings he told me of the war bird display at the FBO which
included military vehicles and artifacts of the era. It was a great display and a small crowd was
assembled at the ramp to  view the aircraft. It wasn't long before we moved over to Ted Coberly's
( FSA Member 48) hangar and looked at his Sonex. Ted was kind enough to give me a tour and
explain the mods that he was performing at the time. Ted Coberly is an excellent craftsman and an
accomplished aircraft builder. I know that all the Sonex guys appreciate his being close by. (Thanks
From there we moved to Vincent Risalvato's (FSA Member 68) hangar where Vincent and his son
are building Sonex #1256. They are moving along, doing high quality work, and getting ready to skin
the empennage. At about that time as we looked out the door and watched as the P51, B24 and
B17 departed. Quite a display to say the least.
FSA's Newest member Ted Weiss (FSA Member 73) was the next stop on out list where Ted was
hard at work on his flying Sonex and in the process of completing some "Tweaks". Ted was kind
enough to take me and some of the members over to his off airport shop. It was a great visit and its
obvious that Ted Weiss has the knowledge and means to do it right when it comes to aircraft as he
has completed many projects in the past.
Dale Johnson, FSA's Grill Master, drove in form Tampa to share in the camaraderie. Dale will be
firing up the grill for us in the very near future for a "Mission BBQ".
I wish to thank Jack and all my fellow FSA members and visitors alike for a great day. I know we're
all looking forward to our Next get together.
I know that others in attendance were taking photos. If you would like to share them please send me
a copy to post.

Jack Leidenheimer (L) and FSA's newest
Member Ted Weiss (R) talk Sonex
Vincent Risalvato (L) and Dale Johnson (R) as
they talk airplane in from of Jack's Sonex
The sign says it all
One small area of Ted Weiss's off airport shop
which, we hope to feature in a special sortie
later this year.
The B17 departs ZPH