Ivan Castrillo's

I'm sending  a few more pics for your data base.  Basically the aircraft is finished.  I started the engine and the A/C is ready to take to
the airport and get inspected.

It took me 15 months and approx. 1025 hrs to build (including polishing).  

Great experience!  I sometimes chair fly it in the garage when no one's looking pretending I'm doing touch and go's.  Hope you have
a successful gathering with great weather.  Take lots of pics please for those of us that can't make it.  

Take care, Ivan "the Terrible"
Updated 29 Oct 2010
Ivan "The Terrible" Castrillo
FSA Member 40, completes First Flight in his Jabiru 3300
powered Waiex 136
"Awesome experience taking an aircraft one built to the air.  Scary and thrilling at the same time.  Blue skies!"
Ivan "the Terrible"
Congratulations to Ivan Castrillo FSA Member 040 on his first flight