FSA Member Builders
Ivan Castrillo  Member 039
Keep an eye out for our newest member. Ivan
Castrillo. Ivan reports that his Jabiru 3300 powered
Waiex may fly late this year. We wish him the best
and would like to see more photos of his project.
Ivan also reports that FSA member 0017, Walter
Eisenmann has been a great mentor during his
build. Keep us informed Ivan.
As a new service to our members, we are now offering our
Member Builders their own page. The page may be used to post
photos, file progress reports, submit technical tips or just share
their building experiences with our members. This service is free
and available to all our member Builders and Pilots. Just contact
mike@floridasonex.com with the information you wish to post on
the site and we will get it published as soon as we can.