Flying Member Pilots as of 2017
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Robert Adams
FSA Member 002
Hugh Harrison
FSA Member 034
Are you Flying a Sonex, Waiex, Onex, Xenos or Sub-Sonex and are a member of the FSA?
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Jack & Beth Leidenheimer
FSA Member 035
Member Assistance Pilot
Zepherhills (ZPH), FL
Mike January, Member Assistance Pilot,
FSA Member 001
Jim Wright
FSA Member 037
Phil Leblanc  FSA Member 082
Xenos #36
Jerry & Carol Sheetz FSA Member 060
Member Assistance Pilot
Brooksville, Florida
Kip Lauri
FSA Member 045
Bill Monroe
FSA Member # 044
Tony Lewis
FSA Member 011
Walter Eisenmann
FSA Member 017
George Barth, Member
Assistance Pilot, KVEB
FSA Member 007
Harold Olson
FSA Member 027
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