Flying Member Pilots as of 2018
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Robert Adams
FSA Member 002
Hugh Harrison
FSA Member 034
Are you Flying a Sonex, Waiex, Onex, Xenos or Sub-Sonex and are a member of the FSA?
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Jack & Beth Leidenheimer
FSA Member 035
Member Assistance Pilot
Zepherhills (ZPH), FL
Jim Wright
FSA Member 037
Phil Leblanc  FSA Member 082
Xenos #36
Jerry & Carol Sheetz FSA Member 060
Member Assistance Pilot
Brooksville, Florida
Kip Lauri
FSA Member 045
Bill Monroe
FSA Member # 044
Tony Lewis
FSA Member 011
Walter Eisenmann
FSA Member 017
George Barth, Member
Assistance Pilot, KEVB
FSA Member 007
Harold Olson
FSA Member 027
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Bob Ohlson FSA Member 087
Dale Williams FSA Member 109
Sonex 1319 (Daughter of Cleanex)
Jim Ballenger FSA Member 084
Sonex 760
Clarence Dunkerley FSA Member 072
Sonex 1306
Mike January, Member Assistance Pilot,
FSA Member 001
Sonex 1289
John McBride FSA Member 097